Monday, July 28, 2008

Yay its Monday...

What a weekend. Glad work is over, well mostly. I do have 3 meetings this week at work, but meetings will be fine.
So last week, I actually scrapped, not anything designer, but pictures from a couple years ago I wanted to get scrapped.
abby was a black lab pup we had for about 4 weeks, she out grew the kids, so we gave her away, and a girl I work with has her. the empty space in the bottom right corner is for an adult pic of
sasha(her name changed).

We went to the Newport Aquarium in Newport Ky one day for a day trip. the kids loved it, and I got some cool pics so i wanted to scrap them

The columbus zoo in Columbus Ohio is the best zoo we have every been to, and are planning to go again soon.

Hope you have a great day and blessed week

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