Homemade Products

If I have posted a recipe in a post, I'll have just a title for you to click on, if not there will be a recipe. Enjoy! I love making the products I use every day.

Easy Sugar Scrub

Oven Cleaner

Clean the kitchen sink


Bathtub Cleaner

Hand Sanitizer

Laundry Soap


1/4 cup distilled water
1/4 cup liquid soap (I used Dr. Bronners castile, but no longer can as castile soap reacts badly with my skin)
1/2 tsp. light oil (I use olive oil)
5-10 drops fave. essential oils

Mix together in an old shampoo bottle, or condiment bottle.
This makes a nice lather, and rinses clean.

Hair Gel
1 cup of almost boiling water (I put it in the microwave)
1 tsp plain gelatin

stir til gelatin is dissolved, and store in an airtight container. You can store it in the bathroom if you have a cooler bathroom, but I keep mine in the fridge. Keeps for a couple weeks. I have added some essential oils to it as well for a scent. Use by taking a small amount and rubbing it on your hands then into your hair. Simple, easy, and it works! You know it's time to make a fresh batch when you open it and it smells bad!