Thursday, August 28, 2008

One room down...

I just finished up the kids room. It is hard to have a girl and boy share a room and to decorate it to suit each child, but I think I finally found the solution. so here it is BEFORE

This is Rebecca's side...

And here is Ryan's side... they shared a dresser and a closet...not much room.

So here is the finished product....

Rebecca's side (complete with petal on her bed)

And here is Ryan's side. They both have their own 4 drawer dressers and night stands and tho they still share a closet, having the extra drawer space really helps.

I found coordinating sheets to use at curtains. both are striped from kmart. one pink and purple and one varying shades blue. I had been on a hunt and they are perfect. I cut the pillow case apart to use as a tie back. and I'm going to use the rest of the pillow case or fitted sheet to make a pillow for their bed.

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