Thursday, October 2, 2008


It is Thursday, a great day to start a class don't ya think. I started Cathy Z's Design Your Life class...totally pumped about this class.

I also love the conversations I have been having with my handsome little fellow. Of course he was sleeping soundly here, and there were no conversations going on, but I do love watching my babies sleep.

Now the reason I started this thought. This morning I went to CVS, and Ry found some candy corn, that he thought he needed to have. So in the truck we are headed to preschool and ry says "can I have some candy corn?"
I say., "one or two"
Ry says, "how about ten!"
I had to giggle. Such a negotiater.

In other news, Rebecca and I have been having lots of disaggreements. I don't know if its the starting school thing, or what the deal is, maybe she is just tired, but almost everyday there are tears, it is becoming exhausting, but after one of her fits and in honor of the "give yourself a present" which you can learn about on Stacy Julian's blog post from 10/1. I took a photo of my freshly teared up daughter. I suppose in a year from now I wouldn't have remembered that everyday we had a battle, but I will now b/c i have it documented.

Hope you have a great day.

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