Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am Happy

No particular reason, just an overall feeling of contentment, and joy. I did a little shopping at the Lia Sophia party, there are some pretty things coming my way. I've decided I'm not super happy with my haircut this time. Just doesn't seem to be laying as nice. I'm thinking I might just let this mop grow, maybe shoulder length or something. we'll see, I really love low maintenance, but this time, my cut isn't low maintenance. It has been taking me about 10-15 minutes to tame it. Ridiculous for hair so short. Not only that I have to product it up to get it to do anything. Kinda frustrating. Oh well, it is just hair, and my hair does grow fast. Just so it looks nice for our Christmas pictures. Not sure when we'll get those taken, but I'd like to wait a week or two, altho December is a busy busy month for our household. Beyond the regular holiday hub bub, we have basketball games (well Jon does), and concerts to go to. Ryan's bday party, etc. etc. Busy Busy.

My mom bought my daughter the MOST BEAUTIFUL christmas dress ever. She is a doll in it. (yes I know there should be a photo, but the only one have is on my phone, and well that isn't handy right now.) It is burgundy velvet, with ivory lace at the waist, it is long, and is so very elegant. Rebecca absolutely loves it too.

Ryan is going to look very handsome in his black cords, red dress shirt and black red and white sweater. He loves his sweater and has been trying to convince me to let him wear it now. (Sorry buddy you are out of luck).

Hope you are having an altogether happy day. I'm going go get creative.

And because posts with no photos are not as much fun. Here are some photos I found from last christmas that Rebecca took with her camera... keep in mind its low quality...

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Livia aka NenaNYC said...

Brooke, Nice to hear that you're happy. Hope the feeling last! And BTW, I think your haircut looks nice (that first pic of you is the new haircut?) The kids looked like they had fun on Halloween. TFS.