Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebecca's Valentine Party

Went really well. Those kids were wild tho!! Altho I really think they were more subdued than at Christmas time! Of course, at Christmas time, there was a vacation following the party!

They played hot potato with a heart box filled with chocolates. When the music stopped whoever was holding the heart opened it and had a piece of candy, then went to their seat. Rebecca was next to last to be out.

After this game, they had 6 kids at a time play a keep the balloon in the air using paper plates attached to old rulers. The kids had a lot of fun!

After the game, they got to open their Valentines.

and one more because I love it, altho she was doing the, mom please stop taking pictures!

Have a great day!


Adele said...

Oh, she's such a doll!! And the hair! Love the hair. I sometimes wish we could go back to those primary school days of everyone gives everyone a valentine. So much more civilized!

jandbsmom said...

Brooke she's such a sweetheart. Love the pictures! ;-)

Chrispea said...

Cute picts. I went to my son's party and totally forgot my camera!