Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just like his daddy...

Apparently, this thing my son is doing is just what his daddy did. I love that connection, I would say it is genetic (haven't heard that in awhile have you mom), but whatever it is I love it. So is the curiousity getting to you yet?
You'll probably be disappointed. Ha Ha.

He is telling me jokes, jokes that are not funny at all, but he just laughs like it was the funniest thing in the whole world.

So wanna hear a couple? Actually, this is how it went this morning...

Ry: Knock, Knock
Me: Who's There?
Ry: Surprise
Me: Surprise who?
Ry: Surprise we are the kindergarten

Me: Ryan that wasn't funny.
Ry: This one will be... Knock knock
me: Who's there?
Ry: Bus
Me: Bus who?
Ry: Bus is at the kindergarten.

Me: (silence)
Ry: Well, mommy just laugh.

okay so who could resist laughing at that, a request to laugh. So cute. LOVE IT.

And how about this weather, could it be more beautiful. Oh yes I did, I am daring the weather to be more beautiful! LOL
I have on shorts, and I've been sporting flip flops. Ry and Rebecca even had on flip flops this afternoon.

Hope you have enjoyed this beatiful day!

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