Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm sure the blog feels it. All alone with no regular posting. Seems life has been in the way. Actually, I've been taking a bit of a tech break. I check email and facebook in the morning, and then leave the computer alone. Now if I am waiting in line somewhere or need to kill a few minutes, I have been checking facebook on my phone, but aside from that, kinda letting tech rest! I do run a quick check of my blog, but I am seriously not at the computer long enough for much more than that. We have also been going tv free during the day. The kids get to watch little bear at 4 pm, and toot and puddle at 5 pm. Ryan has been playing some Mario Kart, but for the most part all week the tv has been off during the day. We have been playing, and reading!! Way better than TV.

We are trying to get into a new rhythm. Church in Winchester is a bit of a change, tho a much welcomed one!! But it proves to be a bit of a challenge still on time! I'm working thru that tho. Actually its not the getting there, it's getting my mouth to close so I can get home at a decent hour!! LOL.

My house looks like a tornado went thru it b/c the last couple weeks I was sick (not with the pig flu LOL) and just didnt' have the energy to do much beyond the basics. Tomorrow has serious cleaning written all over it. For one, its the first day this week I didn't have some kind of commitment during the day, so I have a little more uninterupted time. I did get all the clean laundry put away (we had 2 weeks worth in baskets...I really didn't have the energy), so that is something. Well, there is one basket of towels and some hang up clothes that need to be taken upstairs, but that won't take much! In fact, if I would get off here I could get those towels folded while I'm waiting on the dryer!

Hope everyone is feeling as blessed as I am!! Have a great evening. Those towels won't fold themselves ya know!

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