Friday, September 25, 2009

Football games and Fridays

Well, it is the next to last football game YAY!!!!!!! The best part is today I don't have to cook for them. Jon is going to order Pizza YAY!!!!!!! Next and last game is Oct. 16. We are having Beef and noodles, mashed potatoes and corn. that is going to be one busy week.

Ryan is really really enjoying his preschool homeschooling. He is so smart, and I'm not just biased. he has an amazing imagination, which he tells me he doesn't want to use. when he wanting to watch Tv play the Wii or the computer. In fact it is so cute when he says, "but i don't want to use my imagination." In fact, when I tell him he cannot watch TV etc...he'll say it, because he was asking why and I told him over and over he needed to use his imagination, so now he whines saying he doesn't want too. I love it.
Here he is playing with marbles and you should hear the dialog in there. So cute!!

Rebecca is doing well in school. She got to play with mill worms this week. Has been doing well on her spelling tests. She lost a top tooth last weekend. It is amazing how losing those top teeth change the look of kidlings.

I made a cute baby card yesterday for some friends of ours. Just need to mail it today.

Well, the dishes won't do themselves. Have a blessed day

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