Sunday, September 13, 2009

it has lost some of its novelty

Facebook that is. I have removed several people from my friends list. Not because they are unlikeable, or that I have any issue with them, but because I used Facebook as a source of communication with people I care about, and there are some people I just don't really care to know what is going on in my life. I also like facebook for the fact that I can quickly make a note of something going on, and I like using it as a sort of journal, but again, there are people that have no need to know what I have said. And really if we are not close in life, why would I want someone knowing all the goings on in my life. Besides, at first, I thought it was cool to have a lot of friends, I'm over that.

That said, I have also ignored some friend requests, for the same reasons.

My ckmb friends, however stayed, most of them anyway. What an amazing supportive group of ladies!!! I mean seriously if I have no idea if you are the mb or not, well nuff said I guess.

I suppose some will call me names, what a witch, or whatever, but my family and the goings on are precious to me, and the world doesn't really need to know them.

Okay soapbox done

B out

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