Saturday, December 26, 2009

The aftermath

it looks like a toy store threw up in our family room, but the kids are loving it. They are bouncing from gift to gift testing out each new thing. Santa brought each of them a Nintendo DS, game, and stuffed their stockings, then mommy and daddy did the rest.

They were a little slow to notice the gifts from Santa because a DS isn't very big, but once noticed it has been the prime toy of choice. Ryan particularly is in love with his. I am fully aware we are going to have to set a limit on his time, but it is Christmas weekend and well a little free time is certainly okay, but next week, we will have some limits.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas.
I have some plans for the blog in the new year. More regular posting, and more stuff in general. Will probably be a little MIA over the next week, since the family is all still at home.

Have a great weekend

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