Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I love Thursday

First of all, I am finally feeling better. This was the WORST sinus infection ever!!!! I actually feel human again, except when I jar my head, which can be done by stomping off snow, running, or sitting down too hard, well then my teeth still hurt.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming...

1. I love a clean play area
this is embarrassing...


2. I love that he likes to "read"

3. I love that she wants to learn to do hand sewing.

4. I love making things for the kids...felt fish and felt food. The carrots still need tops...I'm out of green felt.

5. I love my griddle. Seriously I have been making the best pancakes...and the only difference is I have a griddle.

6. I love that my girl likes to help in the kitchen. She made a strawberry jello cake with minimal help. It was delish.

7. I love how excited she was to see mail for her.

8. I love how he gets excited too, altho he was more subdued than normal today. He actually wanted to go to his room and "read" it all alone...

9. I love that she let me do her hair without complaining...and doesn't she look cute today!

10. I love that I got to go to Judy's today and play with paper and scissors and glue!!! We made cards to send to hospice patients, and then I got an idea after seeing some brayered cards, (which I tried and well it didn't work for me, anyway I got an idea and tried it and here is what I got.

we also had delicious french onion soup, french bread, and fruit slush!!! YUM-O.

Hope you have had a fabulous and blessed Thursday!

P.S. if you need a laugh...just scroll down and check out the green beans...still just makes me smile.

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