Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rebecca's Valentine treats.

So sometimes it is okay to not be crafty. At least that was what I was telling myself the Thursday afternoon before Rebecca's party on Friday as I stuff candy into these cute little bags. After all, she picked them out and was okay with it being not made by me.

cute right! absolutely. Now there are 28 kids in her class and 1 teacher, 1 teacher assistant, and 1 very nice lady who comes into help kids with reading. So we need 27 kid treats and 3 adults. No problem. Until. the. bags. started. ripping. GGGRRR!!! So half way through stuffing these cute little monkey bags the candy was falling out the bottom, or as I opened it to stuff candy inside it would rip down the side. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Well, being the ever crafty (ha ha) mama I am, a plan forms quickly. We have a ton of brown paper sacks, which if stamped would be cute. So I cut them down and start stamping.

Which turned out okay for a last minute kinda thing, and then it hit me...I have only 5 pieces of candy to go in these bags, these bags are too big for only 5 pieces of candy and what is a crafty mama to do...lets make valentine grass!!!! How do we do that you may wonder. Well, I cleaned out our paper shredder and used a lot of pink and white scraps from my scrap stash...and how cute did that turn out...

Here it is in the bag with the kids candy.

I did put a bag in the shredder container to catch my cute paper shreds so I could carry them to the kitchen table where we were working.

So I am happily assembling the bags, Rebecca is done writing everyone's name and signing all the cards and has them stuffed so I start stapling them closed and stapling on the valentines...only to realize about half way through I was stapling the valentine cards right over top of all my stamping work...I give up.

I did contemplate for a moment or two what would happen if I just started stapling them to the back...would they see the cuteness I created on the other side, at least when they rip off the valentine they'll see it right, I could finish the rest stapled on the back, but then I can't do that, it would mess with my OCD, and I would have to fix them all and this has already taken WAY longer than it should have. So I give in and just finish them all the same.

Make the teacher bags filled with chocolate! and called it done!

So, what I learned from this experience. Don't wait til the night before! Things are never as simple as they should be! Even when it's okay to not be crafty, sometimes it is good you can be!

And the pay off!! When Rebecca came home and said, "Mama guess what! everyone loved loved loved my valentine treats!! They were their favorite"

Yeah! that made it worth it. I had a happy little girl, which in the end was what I was going for...

Have a blessed day!

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