Wednesday, February 3, 2010

See what I made

I have been seeing a ton of repurposed glass things. So I found some thrifted votives and other candle holders and made these cupcake stands. (Now I need to make cupcakes)I forgot before photos because I was so excited about making something new.

I also took a candy dish and put it on a candle stick for a raised candy dish. I had it filled with truffles but it looked like a pile of something not nice in the dish so I took them out. They are super good though. Imported from France and dairy free....YAY. But I love love love the way the dish turned out.

Here is the top of the dish

and a side view.

Need some heart shaped candies for Valentine's Day.

Also, I made a "tree" for on top of the piano. Thanks mom for the branches. I used my cricut and cut out hearts, stamped on them, and hung them with ribbon. I love the way it looks on the piano and I think when it warms up I'm going to spray paint them almond color. For now though, I don't mind the natural look. I love how this can change with the seasons. bring on the Shamrocks.

Oh, and I used a bag of blackeyed peas in my glass jar to hold the branches in.

I love the candy dish next to the tree. I sat them their to dry because the piano is one of the safer spots in the house, but the dish will probably get to live their.

I linked this post to Show and Tell!!. There are amazing projects every week.

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by.

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michael said...

I collect pedstals so I just love this idea, thanks for sharing and if you are ever in my neighborhood stop by and say hello.