Monday, March 29, 2010

It was great weekend.

Rebecca is back to school this week. Jon is on spring break. I wish they had been the same week. Next year the calendars line up better. Rebecca's and I should say Ryan's (he'll be a kindergartener...sigh) calendar is already posted, and Jon has 3 versions in the works at his school, but they all had the same spring break!! YAY.

We did take a little trip. Friday we left for Columbus and stayed over. We went to COSI and as a bonus it was the opening day of the Titanic art exhibit. AMAZING!!! It was so cool to see all of the things that survived, and to see writing, and names etc. Everyone also gets a boarding pass from someone that was actually on the Titanic and it tells where they boarded, who they were with, etc. Ryan and I survived, Rebecca and Jon didn't . Rebecca was almost in tears that her person didn't survive. It was such an incredible way to get in touch with history. We even were able to touch a piece of iron from the wreckage. We weren't allowed to take any photos, I wish we could have so we could share the stuff, but I understand why we couldn't. They also had people dressed in period clothing and talking about what it would have been like. We the grand staircase (well a replica) GORGEOUS!! and 1st class room, and 3rd class room. Also learned that 1st class rooms had their own bathroom, 3rd class had 2 baths for 700 people...amazing. There were dishes that were not broken, they had in cases next to each other dishes for each class, it was amazing and sad at the same time, but incredible to see. There were champagne and wine bottles that were sealed and still had liquid in them. There were perfume bottles they said still had scent. It was really incredible. I would absolutely recommend this as something to see!

Yesterday we went to church. Which for me is a big deal because since I work weekends I don't get to go. I used to go on Wednesdays, but since I do Kids Klub on Wed. I never get church for me. It was like a sweet breath of fresh air to my soul. We went to the morning and eve. service, and I got to go to grandma's for lunch, I thought she was going to cry when she saw me. It is such a joy to have a husband who's grandparents love me as if I was born into the family.

We didn't go to our home church, we visited my husband's sister's church. Jon went there last week and the kids loved children's church, but last week Rebecca relayed a bunch of things she had learned including a verse! Blessed my heart. There was no children's church yesterday, but the kids were great in the service, even my high strung boy! He sat and was so so good. I was so proud of him.

I will have photos later of COSI, on the wrong computer and I haven' uploaded them yet.

Rebecca and I are going to have a girls night out with my sis tomorrow. Rebecca is so excited!!! She has been talking about it since last week. I am looking forward to it too, but it is so sweet to watch my little girl be excited.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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