Friday, April 23, 2010

How is it Friday already?

I have a ton to do, but just to help my sisters addiction ha ha ha!! I am going to sit here for a few and make several posts that will post through out the day.

Just a little something for fun!

First of all, let's do hair. I'll give you the front and a slightly blurry picture of the back. The color is a little more burgundy than reddish brown, but well, it's okay. Not quite what I had in mind, I was thinking a little more natural looking, but oh well. You can't tell unless you are holding up part of the back of my hair but my very bottom layer is almost black (insert big shocked eyes here)

I am having a bit of trouble getting the back of it as volumized as my stylist did, but I've only done my hair once since she colored it, so I know it is going to take some practice.

Up next, signs that OCD may be genetic. See ya in a couple of hours ha ha!!

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