Wednesday, April 14, 2010

its all done...

the house is all clean. Laundry is still going, but lets be honest, that is a never ending job! I have an outfit laid out for tonight. Kidlings are watching a bit of TV as payment for their hard work cleaning up the family room, Rebecca even vacuumed. They are very excited that Aunt Julie is coming over to babysit them.

Jon is being honored as and ISTAR teacher by 2 of his students. So we are going to a dinner and presentation.

My first attempt at fixing my hair is fair. Liked it better when Kathy did it, but such it is with a new style.

Nice to have a clean house and be able to just chill before this evening.

4 posts in one day...must be some kind of record ha!

There will be pics tomorrow!

have a great night.

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