Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its been one hour

and again this is a great way for me to accomplish quite a lot. Maybe I need to do this everyday!

I will post pics later because I'm going to go for another hour! but here's the update

1. cleaned bathroom top to bottom,
2. cleaned kids room and made beds
3. cleaned my room and 1/2 made bed, waiting on the top sheet (not sure where it is)
4. cleand out my closet
6. started load of laundry
7. took all dirty clothes to laundry room
8. got Ryan a snack
9. Started dishes...darn timer ha!

so here I go one more hour. I want to accomplish these things...

a. finish dishes
b. clean kitchen (including mop)
c. clean off table! (why must it catch everything we bring into the house?
d. clean living room...get all papers sorted and put away, sweep
e. sort laundry
f. pick up family room and vacuum!

then I need to finish my grocery list and run some errands.
I do really like productive days!

I'm going to take a 15 minutes regroup break. so this hour will start at 1045. See ya in an hour!

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