Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Picture Day

Rebecca's fall pictures were not very good, in fact she kind of looked like she was trying to poop. I'm not kidding. So needless to say no one got any of that $50 package I bought because to get the pictures you have to buy first before seeing the photos...this is never a good idea. So yesterday was spring picture day and with these you get to see before you buy. YAY So I sent her to school in an adorable green little shirt because she really looks good in green and we curled her hair. All week we practiced keeping our eyes open and smiling showing teeth. I could say picture or smile and she would do the face for me. These could be hysterical!!! Here were a couple practice shots from yesterday morning.

I am just hoping she smiled like this and that the picture doesn't turn out like this

Up next, what happens when you lie?

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