Friday, June 11, 2010

Food Friday

Something completely unplanned which is why this wasn't up at 6 this morning SIS!! ha! I decided for the next couple of food Fridays I would share some candies with you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

The first one is called Zotz. This is the info from Wikipedia

ZotZ is a candy with a fizzy, sour center. At first, it looks and tastes like a regular hard candy, but if it is bit into or a hole is opened, there is a sour powder that causes a sour fizzing. Zotz flavors include apple, cherry, watermelon, lemon, grape, and orange. It is manufactured by Ambrosoli in Italy.

This candy was introduced in the 1980's.
and you can learn more here.

as you may notice from the photot I tend to like red and purple candies. Nothing like a good dose of really bad for you dyes to make your day better ha!! they come in packs of 4, and tho I don't really find them very sour they do fizz when you get to the center. Just from my personal experience the grape one's have the most fizz. Almost too much fizz actually. I did read that often cracker barrel's have them, but I got mine at Jungle Jim's. I almost always pick up some zotz when we are there.

I love some fun fizzy candy!

Have a blessed day!

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