Tuesday, July 20, 2010

chicken pox

So, turns out the vaccine is not as great as we thought. ha! On the evening of July 14th, my sweet baby girl, who is so not a baby, showed my dad a few spots on her belly. (looked like bug bites....just sayin'). On Friday, the kiddos came home, and Rebecca's belly looked like she had a rash (no pics because, well I don't want to post my baby's naked belly out here, and my dear son had a few spots on his thighs, also no pics because too close to his business, again not posting, anywhoo, we went about our day, Ry got more as the day went on on his legs, and Becca got more on her belly. I wondered what they had gotten into, or if maybe it was the chicken pox, but it was so localized etc.

Move to Saturday morning. I called the pediatrician. He called me back to get more info. After a bit of a discussion he says, well, you make a very good argument for chicken pox. Umm, not arguing for them!! ha!

Turns out because of the vaccination, they present differently, so they are much harder to diagnose, particularly the "wild" kind, which my kiddos apparently have. We are almost one week out on Rebecca, who is looking much better, she has a few crusted spots and the rest of the spots are very faded, and Ry well, he still has a couple fluid filled areas, but we don't know for sure when he started breaking out. Rebecca did get a few on her back, but it was mostly localized to her belly, and Ry, only had then on his thighs.

Turns out to diagnose the pox now, and be 100% sure, they have to be scraped and sent away for lab testing. I refuse to subject my babies to that unnecessary pain and trama. We would have been stuck at home either way and had lots of $$$ for lab fees. Except, now the new guidelines say that my kindergartener has to have 2 doses of the chick pox vaccine unless there is written documentation that they have had the pox, well, we didn't go to the dr. Oh well. I don't honestly know if they have had the second shot or not, but we will play that one by ear. So for now, we are stuck home for a few more days, but at least we can say we got the pox out of the way.

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