Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second week of school...

So far it is all going smoothly. Allergies have my kiddos snotty nosed, and a wee bit cranky. Rebecca cried over homework last night, but she had a headache. I told her attitude made a big difference. We worked on being positive.

One thing I am looking forward to during my days at home in peace is being free to take care of my yard at my leisure, no worries about where by kidlings are. Mom came down yesterday and bless her heart worked on some weeds out front. Last evening I tackled some weeds in the back yard.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my butterfly bush. However it is taking over, but it is nothing to go out and see it full of fluttering life. Swallowtails, monarchs, viceroy, bees, just beautiful. I am going to have to prune the thing, but that will be after it stops blooming. I caught this butterfly the other day enjoying the butterfly bush

So beautiful!!

Hope you have a blessed day! I have a lengthy to do list I need to tackle!

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