Tuesday, October 12, 2010

to do...

I have written a very long to do list. I am hoping it helps my motivation. I always do something during the day, but I have no real routine and so it seems little is accomplished.

It would seem there has been a lot of stress in our life recently. I do know that stress is relative, but I don't think I have handled the stress we have been given very well.

I want to have a quiet and gentle spirit (clearly that doesn't mean I have to be quiet all the time as we all know it would be impossible), but a peaceful countenance, not easily ruffled demeanor. I am fully aware that what a quiet and gentle spirit looks like on me, will be completely different than how it looks on someone who is...well quiet by nature. My siblings and I all by nature are somewhat loud and even tho they say I'm the talker, we all 3 are quite apt at talking, and our voices carry. I believe we all three are very opinionated and do not hesitate to say how we feel about something. I would just like to not be so quick to dump out how I feel, maybe evaluate my words first, as I can be bit harsh.

a verse that encourages a quiet/gentle spirit is

1 Peter 3:4 (NLT)
You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

I want to raise up children that are not quick to spout off and be harsh, but gentle and kind.

I often make lists that are then shoved to the side as I don't follow through. this is a pattern for me. I am working on recognizing failing patterns, and earnestly seeking to do better.

One area I have fallen off the bandwagon on hundreds of time is diet/exercise. You know you are doing well, then you reach a point and you are proud of yourself and then you think well one extra cookie won't hurt, or a little bit of soda...blah blah blah, and the next thing, you are back to old poor eating habits and all the hard work has been sucked down the drain. It is a frustrating cycle. So today, again because you only truly fail if you never try, I begin again. I stepped on the scale (thankfully it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be), started a food journal, which is unbelievably hard for me to stay on top of, and already took a couple mile walk. Day one...off to a good start!

The clutter in my home, also an area I seem to fail at daily. My mom would tell you I have always been a clutter bug, and it is true, but I really do like simplicity, I just don't execute it very well. My daughter is just like me in that regard...drives me crazy!!! So on my long long to do list is decluttering. I have already done some, and have been able to keep our living room fairly clutter free. YAY!! I know this is a daily task I will need to stay on top of, baby steps!!!

Meal planning, another area I have attempted multiple times, without success. I know we could save $$ at the grocery if I planned better, and that reason alone should motivate me, but sometimes I just don't want what I have listed, ok, most of the time I don't want what I have listed. I need to just get over it, and make what I have planned. I may even post my menu plan once I'm done with it.

I am to call about our truck at noon...praying they finally know what is wrong,
my son broke off the cabinet door in the bathroom this morning, that is the second in just over a month he has broken...I hope we do not continue to this once a month door breaking pattern. This is the last week of soccer!!! Ry is excited and Rebecca is sad. Praying for a church for our family. We need to be able to worship together in a place closer to our home.

Okay so I'm off to tackle more of my to dos. wish me luck. I only fail if I never try!!

have a blessed day!

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