Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally back from all Vacay's

I didn't take any pictures the rest of our vacay because we spent it largely at a waterpark, and that is just a recipe for disaster.

As you probably already know, the Tuesday before Chicago we went to King's Island, then I worked the weekend, packed us up on Monday and we left for the Windy City. Again, cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is! We returned home Friday, I worked the weekend. On Monday of last week, I packed us up differently, because we were going camping, and we headed to Holiday world on Tuesday!  We set up camp, went to the park Wed, and Thurs. Then packed up and came home Friday.

What a day Friday was. My belly was yucky...probably from lack of fiber, it was really hot, and we were all exhausted. We stopped in Edinburgh (where I wish I could have enjoyed shopping), had lunch and hit just a few stores. The heat was making me feel worse, not better. So we headed on home. Now our car had been doing this weird shaking constantly, but it was very pronounced when you were going slow. Nothing really new was happening, but I told Jon, there is a loud roar, it seems louder. He agreed, and then our tire blew out. and not just a little blow out, but huge. I have a pic, but it isn't uploaded. Jon got us safely to the side of the interstate. We had to EMPTY the trunk as we had been camping, to get the spare. Then we drove to the closest Walmart and replaced 3 tires. We had replaced one before we left for Chicago because it had a slow leak. We figured it was better to just replace them than to risk another blow out on the way home. I had to unpack the trunk again, It took 2 grocery carts to hold all the stuff. They were suppose to call us when it was done, they didn't. They weren't very friendly either. So we wasted an additional 40 minutes or so because they didn't page us, which normally may not have been a big deal, but we were all tired!   We stopped at Wendy's in Indy to eat supper. I dumped an entire medium cup of rootbeer on the floor. The guy looked irritated too, but I didn't mean too. When we finally got home it was late, it had taken us 3 times longer to get home than it had to get to Holiday World. I decided it was best if I didn't go to work on Saturday. So I stayed home, and slept until 930 am. I never sleep that late!  We got up, worked in the garden a bit. I went to take a shower, and guess what, NO HOT WATER! Are you kidding me. So Jon, tried to work on it, but the pilot light wouldn't stay lit. Well, I refused to pay  holiday weekend fees, so today we are waiting on a repairman. Of course, it may be tomorrow because I have a meeting at work later. I have been heating water on the stove for baths since Saturday. Here's hoping it is something simple! Saturday afternoon, we headed to my parents, we still needed to celebrate father's day with my dad. We had a lovely visit.

For the 4th, we worked around outside, I tried transplanting some of the carrots I thinned, some died, some look just so so, but I figured, if they died I wasn't out anything.

Then we went to New Castle to my inlaws for an impromptu cookout, and fireworks. Our kids are not all that into fireworks, at all. In fact, they complained a large portion of the time. We got home after midnight...wow are we all tired.

This morning my alarm went off at 5 am. Rebecca was being picked up by my mom, and they are headed to Tennessee to see Dixie. I had Rebecca mostly packed, but I heated water this morning, and got her cleaned up, and had her pick some things to take with her. She was excited. Hope they have a safe and fun trip.

Jon will be getting ready for the fair, so my boy and I are going to have some time together. He was excited about time with mommy!

Even with all the obstacles, we had a great time on our vacations!! I am glad however to be back home, I have so much to do to get back to normal, it will probably take the next week to do that, but it was so worth it!

Have a blessed day!

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