Monday, June 4, 2012


So a lot has been going on since I last posted. Prior to my last post the kiddos had their last day of school. MAY 18th people...that is just too early for school to be out.

Ryan with Ms. O'Leary She is the reading teacher, he adores her

Ryan with Mrs. Siggers his first grade teacher (she also had Rebecca, we love her)

Rebecca with Mrs. Branson her 3rd grade teacher. 

It was a good school year. We had our struggles, was glad to see the end, but it was a good year. Rebecca worked hard to to learn all of her multiplication facts 0-10, and was able to 80 problems in under 3 minutes. She was one of 6 kids to pass every set of facts. I am so proud of her as math is a place she struggles a bit.  Ryan is reading at a 3rd grade reading level. Have to proud of my boy for that. He completed 74 books for reading counts which allows him to read a book then take a quiz over it to test comprehension. He also received awards for excellent hand writing, reading, comprehension, math facts and for receiving all +'s on his report card.  I believe he was the only one who had all +'s.

Rebecca received a reading counts award also from Mrs. James the librarian. Not sure how many books she did for reading counts, but she received the 3rd grade award. (I have photos on my other camera I haven't downloaded yet.)

Since school has been out, we have gone to Kings Island as my last post showed. we have actually been twice. The kids have been 3 times because Jon took them early in May. we are certainly getting good use out of our passes. We will probably go this week too. We love Kings Island, and we pack a lunch because food there is crazy expensive, and we get one large drink with a $5. all day refills and share that. So it is an economical way to spend our day.  We are all coaster lovers. Ryan was a bit nervous to ride the Beast, but I looked back and he had his hands in the air. He loved it.

Other things that have happened. My brother stopped by on his way to PA. In Rebecca's words, "uncle Monte was the best birthday present ever"  She had been asking when she could see him. Since Arizona isn't a hop skip and a jump (altho my brother made it in record time from AZ to IN) we don't get to see him or Tracy often. My kids love their Uncle Monte even though they don't get to see him, and it was a special 24 hours having him here. They were thrilled he stayed at our home. 

While Monte was here he fixed a few things around my home. I have hot water at my bathroom sink. It has been 9 years. 9 YEARS since I've had hot water at that sink because of a leak that required turning off the hot water to the sink. He stopped my back screen door from slamming, and added a chain to my front screen door so it doesn't fly into the bench and break. I also got a new bathroom sink faucet by accident. The old one fell apart. OOPS. I so appreciate the things he fixed for me.

We had Rebecca's birthday party. I cannot believe she is 9. How did my girl turn 9. I'm sure she was small enough to hold in my arms just yesterday. She is going to be a 4th grader. Be still my heart!  She is growing up, maturing, being helpful, being sassy (we need to work on this one). I love her!

We had pizza and veggies for her dinner. Then chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I put white vanilla frosting in the middle of the 2 layers to break up the chocolate. It was kind of like a soft giant oreo. YUM.  It was a great day!

We have been working in our humble little garden. Not as diligently as we should be, but we are moving forward. I can't wait for fresh from the plant tomatoes. YUM!!! 

Hope you have had a great start to your summer.

Have a blessed day!

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