Monday, September 3, 2012

Easy bathtub cleaner

not my tub photo source
Are you ready for this. Super easy. Works like a charm.  I forget where I first heard this.

Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle (I bought it this way from walmart, then refill it from a big bottle as it needs to stay in a dark container, but you can take a sprayer from an old bottle and fit it on the top of a regular bottle of HCO3)

Vinegar in a spray bottle.(**do not mix them together in one bottle as they are more effective sprayed separately**)

Spray your tub with the Hydrogen Peroxide. Then, spray the tub with the Vinegar. You can let it set for a bit, or wipe away. I use a scrubby on areas where soap residue and hard water are the worst within a minute.

Just that simple. We have very very very hard water. I use the Vinegar on the chrome fixtures and they gleam. And I have a nice shiny clean tub.

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Carrie B said...

Hm. I haven't been able to get my ancient tub fully clean and sparkling white with any vinegar blend. I think I'll try this on my sink (similar material) and see how it works. Thus far bleach is the only thing that works, if left to sit for quite a while. Right now I'm pregnant, so Darling Husband has been doing the tub every so often to help me out. But we'll see if the addition of the peroxide works.