Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swiss Heritage Village.

We went on a field trip with Deerfield Elementary last month to the Swiss Heritage  Village in Berne.

It was a 4th grade field trip because in the 4th grade they study Indiana History, but I took Ryan as well.

The kids had a great time.  This post will be very picture heavy.

waiting for grandma to park the bus

still waiting for grandma, she didn't come this way either ha ha

Rebecca churning butter

Ryan churning butter

Ryan rolling out noodles

Rebecca rolling noodles

Cutting a log

hulling corn

This was harder than one would think.

collecting fresh corn meal


a wigwam

Ryan learning about the large cider press

Ryan pulling flax

Ryan milking a goat. He did it!!!

making a soap ball

Rebecca knotting a quilt

working together

Ryan got to keep the piece of log they cut, Rebecca gave up half way through. LOL

making rope

The thought this was really neat

Ryan playing King of the Log

Ryan in Jail

candle making

In front of a teepee

tin punching

crossing the "creek"

This field trip was really for Rebecca since she is my fourth grader but my second grader was full on into the experience. Rebecca was a bit more reserved (she is so like her mama sometimes).

A really nasty storm blew in and we had to leave, but there was still lots to do. It was a great day!

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