Monday, December 9, 2013

This Week

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This week I'm working on Christmas gifts. I woke up early today (probably because everyone in my house had a two hour delay from school so clearly getting up early is what I should do, not sleep it ha!ha!) and so in the quiet hour this morning I knitted on a scarf for my niece. Knitting takes a bit more time, but this is a soft thick yarn that didn't lend itself to an easy crochet pattern. I wanted it to be warm so I am knitting it. I have made quite a bit of progress and if I am diligent should have it finished in the next day or so. I plan to make either a headband/earmuff or beanie for her as well. I love making things for the people I love. It gives me time to think of them, pray for them. This morning as I was knitting away I was praying for Madelyn now and for her as she grows.  I also love that making something for someone makes me stop the busy-ness and focus on someone other than myself.

I hope you have a blessed day! Stay warm!

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