Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's a new year and we are starting a new journey

Well hello friends!  It's been a bit, but life has changed and situations have changed, so why not start fresh this year with a new journey.  We are going to begin a journey in our home of going gluten free, well not completely gluten free, but store bought gluten free.  I will be grinding our own flour and making anything we would use flour in, and then we will have alternatives for things like pasta that will be gluten free from the store, or maybe we will make zoodles (zucchini noodles) and spaghetti squash. We have several allergies, I'll put together a post out lining that. We are not “allergic” to gluten; however, after quite a bit of research, and friends and family testimonials I believe we will feel better without the heavily processed gluten in our lives.  I’m going to try to document the changes good and bad (if there are any) as we embark on this journey, so I can have a record of how these changes effect our health.  It will also serve as a reminder (as long as things are going well) when we get discouraged to keep it up.
My thoughts on how this will go, will probably change, but here it is none the less. I plan to log the general issues of each of us at the beginning of this journey, and track weekly the changes in those issues. I’m referring to a variety of things such as joint pain, brain fog, warts, skin issues, etc.  I will be trying out some new recipes, as well as tweaking old recipes to accommodate our new dietary plan. They will mostly be dairy free as well, with the exception of making something for my hubs that has cheese in it.  I may as well share my successes and failures here. I have worked for years at perfecting dairy free options for our family, and I plan to do the same using fresh ground flour and being otherwise gluten free. I would like to make some other dietary changes in our home, but this one has everyone a little stressed, so I’m just going to start here.
If you are curious about the other changes. I would like to get rid of white sugar. This one is even a little stressful for me, as I love love love candy. LOVE IT!!! I do believe all things in moderation (aside from things we are allergic too obviously) is a good plan so there has to be grace when we are away from home, or dining with others, etc. To be completely honest, we were going to go completely gluten free, but in my effort to try that, the increase in rice and rice products caused a less than favorable reaction in my gut. The health benefits of grinding your own flour for those who are not actually allergic to gluten seem to be similar, so we are starting here. Should we decide to go completely gluten free I can use my grain mill to grind my own gluten free flours.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing our journey. I'm currently researching grain mills as this is an investment. What I decide will be forth coming.
Have a blessed day!

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