Thursday, February 16, 2017

Goals for 2017

I am not one to make new years resolutions because I know I'm not going to stick to them. I did however, decide to write down a few goals for the new year. I believe that if you right it down you are more likely to follow through. So this is an overview of some of my goals, and how it is going.

1. Read through the entire Bible.  I have attempted this more than once, and I have finished it never.  We are midway through February and I am ahead in my ready.  I have been using the audio NIV on, and that is a game changer for me. I had no idea I could listen to it and take it in as well as I am. I've had to stop and go read it for myself sometimes because I'm learning things I had never remembered learning before now.  I encourage you to try the audio bible even if you don't think you learn best by listening.

2. Get Healthy. I have a goal to exercise at least 3 times a week. I had done this and more up until I got the flu. Until yesterday it had been about 2 1/2 weeks since I had exercised. I started again because I have come too far to stop now!  I also really have been enjoying the exercise I'm doing.

3. Create more. (there were several things listed under this, one was sew more). I started a quilt

 Here are nine of the 13 squares I have done. I am using precuts and making a logcabin pattern.  I have 8 squares left to make, then I will decide on how I am going to put it together. I am really enjoying this process.

So those are just some of my 2017 goals, mostly the ones that have updates. I am pleased with my progress.

Have a blessed day

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