Tuesday, July 1, 2008


That is how I feel about our house right now. For those of you (SIS) waiting for cake pics, they will be coming later today. I pulled everything out of the pantry so I could paint in there, freshen everything up, clean everything out and off...and Jon tore into the yard digging a trench so we can get power back to the garage. So the house is a disaster, particularly the family room b/c the entire contents of the pantry is in there, and the yard is a mess b/c there is a foot deep trench in the back yard and therefore a pile of dirt along the trench from the house to the garage. I guess its demolition day LOL. Oh and the living room is also a mess b/c I found some great deals on some cake supplies, which obviously can't be put in the pantry since its insides are in the family room, so the things that came in to the house that need to go to the pantry are in the living room too. SIGH.

In other news, potty training is hard. (no not for me, my mom did a great job a long time ago for me) Ryan is not caring whether he pees and poos in his undies or in the pot. If anyone has any good tips, please please share. Ok, well that isn't totally true. Yesterday, Ry did manage to poo in the pot twice, but only after starting in his undies (yuck). and it is a constant fight getting him to the potty, and if you think he's not ready, all I can say is BALONEY. speaking of the little devil, he just climbed up in my lap.

Well, duty calls, so much to get done, and I cannot take much more of this mess...so I'm off to get a fan, so the Kilz can dry so I can paint another coat.

have a great day.

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