Saturday, July 19, 2008

I love saturday mornings...

I don't have that many to sleep in, but because I am working nightshift this weekend, sleeping in is a must. My SIL came and picked up my neice who spend Thursday and Friday night, and my wonderful husband just left with both kidlings to go finish cleaning up at the fair grounds (band booth this last week) So I have the house all to myself. There are a few things I want to finish, I have almost completely overhauled the "office" space (I put it in quotes b/c well its not an office but it kinda is and it serves that purpose but sounds so stuffy (no offense to anyone with a home office) so that is the reason I "" it...most of the time we call it the computer room, but I like office better LOL), with only a few more things to do and the entire space which has been a mess forever...seems like anyway, will be completely clean. YAY. I seriously only have to take out the trash, and file user manuals, and get a box for Jon's stuff that goes to school. WOOHOO!! I also have a new stand for dvds and cds that I want to put together. And the dryer just I am off to fold laundry first.
Hope you have a great great day!!!

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