Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In this day and age...

And in the world we live in I would have thought a thank you would have been appropriate. I bought some curtain rods at Kmart but didn't need them because they were the wrong size. I had 3 of them. Purchased them all on the same day, but when I was going thru the receipt I saw they only charged me for one of the curtain rods. So I go into the store and tell the manager, I know for a fact I got these all the same day in the same trip, but was only charged for one, so I would like to return it and here are the other 2 I was not charged for so I'm just giving them back. Now I could have done a couple different things here, returned then individually 3 different times b/c our kmart never marks out what you returned. I could have returned them with no receipt for store credit, or just kept them, but no I was honest, and just gave them back, it was not my mistake, but honesty is just a better idea and do you think she even said, thank you for being honest, NO she did not, She did fine tooth my receipt to make sure I hadn't missed them, and did say have a great evening, but a simple we appreciate your honesty would not have killed her. oh well, Idid the right thing, and didn't do it for affirmation from a store clerk, but it just would have been appropriate. ok I am done.

okay off the soap box...have a great day

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