Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some more Big News

This handsome little fella is totally one hundred percent POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!! No accidents, no problems, he tells me if we are out he has to go, now all i need is for him to get down the wiping the hiney part...cuz EEEWWWW!!!

And I am still really loving my new camera. I have so much to learn about it still, but it is so easy to use and good pictures just happen more often.

It is fair week and Jon's band has a food booth, so he will be pretty much gone all week. Good news, he found a color guard person. Prayers she works out for the long term would be much appreciated.

I am gonna tackle the "office area"/computer area/scrap area, just general stuff. so much stuff I need to go through and since I took the table out of my scrap area so Jon could have it for fair, I have a new table to use in my space, so I am going to reconfigure the whole set up. I have been wanting to re work my space anyway and now Ihave too which is always a great motivator. I would take before photos but the mess is pretty much an embarrassment. But I will take after photos.

Hope you have a great day!!!!


Babs said...

Don't you just love natural light and how it makes your subjects shine! I use it anytime I can.

Brooke said...

I know I almost look like I knew what I was doing didn't I LOL