Monday, July 7, 2008

Its a Monday!!!

Actually, I don't mind Mondays b/c normally its the beginning of my week off from work since I work the weekends. I however didn't work this last weekend b/c I had a stomach bug YUCK!!! and Rebecca had a lil bug too (double YUCK) Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who cared for us both.

Well, since I am all new to the blog world. I just posted my first slide show. They are the 4th pictures. well, actually they are from the 3rd, b/c that is when we went to the fireworks. Ryan and Rebecca had a great time playing while we waited for the fireworks. The adorable lil guy in a bunch of photos is Jacob, his expressions were so cute watching the fireworks and sparklers.

And yes, I know some are blurry, and one is turned the wrong way. I am lucky to have managed to post it!! LOL.

I let Rebecca help select colors for paint for the kids room. She picked four colors a purple, pink, blue, and green. All very soft. I have already bought the paint. I am planning to try out some ideas on paper before I decide what to do. We have been talking about bunk beds too. The kids are excited by this idea, but we want to get carpet in their room first. I don't think I want to just do each wall a different color. I would like to do something more creative than that. I'm going to paint their ceiling white. Well it already is white, but I figured while I was painting I should freshen up everything!!!

Well, Hope you have a blessed day!

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