Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Well, the camera has been very lonely this week b/c of all the sickness at our house. However, we are officially on the mend!!! Everyone is feeling okay. I am told this cough I have will last about 2 weeks, so one week to go. Jon hasn't really gotten the cough so maybe he will luck out. Rebecca is starting a bit of a runny nose, hoping its minor and not what Jon and I have.

In other exciting news, for me anyway, I found 3 rolls of the border I previously used in my kitchen on EBAY. I don't have to rethink the whole kitchen/dining room decor. I loved that border from the moment I found it and still do love it, so I am glad I don't have to rethink that design, or buy much more than paint since everything I have already works YAY. It'll still be fresh since I'm painting.

I still need to work on my Design Your Life assignments from the last week, (a new week starts today). Again, behind thanks to this bronchitis stuff.

Today Ryan has show and tell at preschool. Its technically teddy bear day, but he doesnt' have a bear so he is taking "bad Knight" his pug webkinz. He does love that dog. I bet the stories the kids tell will be very cute, too bad I can't get it on video.

Also, I'm taking a free class by Jessica Sprague at called Stories in Hand. It is a 2 week class focused on getting a system to collect the stories you want to tell/remember, whether thru scrapbooking or some other means. I have all the materials printed off, but my book is not assembled.

There is part of me thinking I've taken on more than I can do, but I am thoroughly enjoying the on line classes I'm taking. Design Your Life with Cathy Zielske. Well, she is a hoot. She sends video messages to the students, and her teaching is wonderful. So even if I am taking on too much, I am enjoying it.

Well, I've chattered enough I suppose. Hope you have a great and blessed day!!!


Livia aka NenaNYC said...

You have a really nice blog. Your children are beautiful!!! They looked like they had a good time at the museum. I also like the LOs you posted from the classes you're taking. Enjoy them! Hope to see more over at CK.

Adele said...

Hey Brooke... how are you finding the class? I've considered taking one of her's.... but never quite get up the courage!

elizabeth said...

you won on my blog!!