Thursday, December 11, 2008

I always loved getting a new Christmas dress

And my little girl is no different. This one is one my mother in law made. Rebecca is adorable in it. She also made Ry's vest (and yes he is crying b/c he didn't want his pic taken) Hoping to get more pics today when we get ready for the band concert. Rebecca's dress has a full twirl skirt, which she took advantage of...wish I could sew like this, its just not a talent of mine.

We have a family tradition that will be ending this year because the truth of the matter is one of us is allergic to our Christmas tree. We have gone and picked out a real tree the day after thanksgiving, all but one year of our married lives together, and this year after the season we are going to get one on sale hopefully. This year was a little different because we found a tree fairly quickly, and unlike past years where we find a tree then lose it and end up settling. Once we found the tree I said lets get it, no need to look anymore. This one is beautiful. It is by far the most beautiful tree we have ever had, so it is a great way to end the tradition I suppose. This tree is enormous, We usually put our tree in front of our living room window, but when it was there it literally stuck out past half of the room. Jon said, It'll be okay once we push it back" He couldn't see that it was already touching the window and we would have to pull it out. LOL. We ended up moving furniture and pushing it into the corner. We only decorated the front side, and literally the branches are mushed against the wall. It is a beautiful tree. Jon keeps saying "it wasn't that big in the forest". So here are our photos from getting our last live tree. It has been a fun tradition, and I guess we will just have to start a new tradition with our fake tree.

Have a blessed day!!

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Tya said...

The kids look darling in their outfits and the tree is ginormous!