Friday, December 12, 2008

So the truth is...

Kids say the funniest things. Last night as I tucked Ryan and Rebecca into bed and we read a bedtime story, Ry asked if I would sleep with him. I told him no, and that he would sleep in his bed and I would sleep in mine...and on that note, he needed to stay in his bed and stop coming in and getting into bed with mommy and daddy. He looked up at me and said, "but that's what kids are for!" I smiled and said, No ry, you stay in your bed, and his reply, "but that's what kids do mommy" I again reminded him he had his own bed, and kissed him good night. I love the things he comes up with, it truly amazes me. And wouldn't you know for the first time in a very long time he stayed in his bed.

and here's a pic of my and my handsome little fellow, just before we left to pick up Rebecca from school yesterday.

Have a great weekend.

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