Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My son cracks me up...

so at 4:30 this morning an oversized 4 year old climbed over me in bed, then proceeded to say,

Ry: "mommy i'm gonna throw up"
Mommy: "not in my bed your not!"
Ry: "Mooommmy, I need a cookie!"
Mommy: "we don't have any cookies"
Ry: "yes we do, in the, box...that rhymes"
Mommy: "let's go to the kitchen" (eye rolling)

In the kitchen Ryan points out the box of cookie crisp. Looks like we do have cookies in a box after all. So I pour him a few in a bowl, and get him a glass of juice. In just a couple minutes, he returns to my room.

Mommy: "is your belly better"
Ry: "yes, I wasn't really gonna throw up."

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