Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow days...well more like ice days

So Jon, Rebecca, and Ryan all had a snow day today. We, however, had no snow, but ice, and thin sheet of slickness coating everything. Petal slid off the back steps this morning. It was trash day, and I gave the bags a push from the top of the front steps and they landed nicely down by the road. Now that is some ice. Rebecca and I made almond butter cookies (since Jon is allergic to peanuts), sugar cookies, and carmel corn. I've been working in my scrap space, attempting to get it straightened and organized, still have some items that need a home from the move back inside the house. I sorted scraps of papers into files this afternoon with the help of my little princess. I'm loving my space.

Well, a strange phenomenon was just proven true again...I have spider radar. I'm sitting just typing away, and just got this funny feeling. I turned around to talk to Rebecca and there it was a big (okay maybe 1/2 inch with its hairy legs spread out) black hairy spider on my scrap space...YUCK!!!!! I hate spiders, I get the goosebumps, and chills. I have a hard time killing them because I get the weeby jeebies. But that hairy nastiness is on my space and that just won't do. Once I spy a spider I cannot take my eyes off of it, in case it tries to escape its wrath. Rebecca was on find a shoe mission, preferably one without too many ridges a spider can hide in when smacked. The perfect shoe was found and smashing commenced...sadly my spider killing aim is never good because I'm just sure that nasty lil critter is going to jump on me. SIGH. The only good spider is a dead one.

Okay onto other things, could be another snow, I mean ice day for Jon tomorrow, he already had a 2 hour delay. Rebecca will probably have school.
Hope you are having a good day.


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