Thursday, January 15, 2009

32...doesn't sound old to me...

So today I am 32. I got lots of cards in the mail this week, love that. Snail mail is awesome!!! I did not spend the day the way I had hoped too, I wanted to spend the day in my scrap space, but since I've had a little girl home this week, we had a follow up appt at the doctors today, and got a good report. Just going to have to keep an eye on her daily happenings...(don't ya like the way I don't say it LOL).
We did have a great lunch at McDonalds with Jennifer, Jeremy, Jillian, and Jacob. Rebecca and Ryan loved that. In fact, it helped Rebecca forgive me for keeping her home from school again! She gets to go back tomorrow.

Tonight we are going to have Mexican for supper (we are going out!!!) We do have an awesome Mexican Restaurant here in town.

Not sure what else we will do, the kids are ready to be home, and I have a couple sewing projects I want to work on, yes you read that right, sewing. I know I don't sew, but these are easy projects that even me, the non seamstress can handle. I'll be taking pics...

I hope you have had a blessed day. Even tho it was not as I planned, the day has been very very wonderful!!!

Hugs and Kisses

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