Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The phone rang...

and it was Ryan's preschool. He was complaining of a belly ache and felt warm and seemed to get more pale. SIGH. Now other than a little whiney he has been fine since I picked him up. He does have a runny nose, but no fever.

So this morning Jon was out of white undershirts (OOOOOPPPPPSSSS) that would be my fault. So I suggest he where a reg tee under his shirt. Looking for a lighter weight shirt I find his superman shirt from football season. I offer it to him. He smiles and says, "can you imagine if I had a wreck what they would say!" LOL Here is would be a man dressed in a shirt and tie with a superman emblem on his chest!!! hysterical. Just the visual was enough to make me laugh...multiple times today.

Had some funny candid photos of the kids the other day.

Hope you have a great day

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