Tuesday, January 20, 2009


back to normal. Rebecca was home all last week, so my normal routine was thrown off, but now 2 days in a row we have had some semblance of normalcy. Well, Rebecca did get out of school at 1205 yesterday, but that is still more normal than home all day.
Ryan has been running fever at night, not sure what that is about, may be a molar coming in. He slept 12 hours in a row!!!! and when he woke up this morning I said, "Good morning bubby" and he said, "Well, good morning mama!" How sweet is that.

Been working in Critical Care the last couple weeks, and I am scheduled there this next schedule. I really love being in the float pool. I meet so many more people, and learn so much. You are never too old to learn, and you never know enough!!

Rebecca worked on her 100 days of school project last night and completed it. She punched out 100 butterflies out of 100 different papers and pasted them on a board. I let her stamp flourishes around the poster board first. There will be pics on Thursday because that will be the actual 100th day of school!!! That could be a fun album to start. 100 days of school!!! I'll have to write that down.

Here are some cards I made last week.

Ryan is testing out the Wii Fit today....

ignore the mess...but I thought is was so cute

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