Monday, January 12, 2009

so here's the thing...

darn blogger lost my post!!!! ggggrrrrr!!!!!

Okay, so everytime I sit down to update the blog, I realize I am missing something, my one year Bible. So if you were using the references to read thru, let me know and I'll post them. Honestly, I was doing it for my own accountability, but that has not been an issue. Through the help of the Lord, I cannot do anything else until my Bible reading is completed. I have tried to reach this point for years, and finally now, it seems straightened out. Not of my own accord for sure. Life would always find a way to get in the way, but life is much farther down on my list of important things. God first, then family, then life and all the stuff it includes.

This week has busy written all over it (speaking of life). The husband figure has something every day but wednesday, and there is potential for a party this week (not mine, even tho I have a birthday this week). I am completely amazed at how fast time is moving. This week marks January being half over. (insert big buggy oh my eyes here).

Hope everyone has a blessed day! I'm gonna go spend some time with my handsome little fellow!!

Oh before I go, this morning Ryan climbed into bed with me and Jon, and I told him if he was going to lay in my bed he had to be quiet. So he climbed over me and snuggled in between jon and me. Next thing I hear...

"Okay Mommy, let's talk"

As I snuffed a giggle I told him to be quiet. he is so funny!

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