Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well there was no playing

in the snow!!! It got to 30 degrees, but some little girl had a fever!!! So Jon and Rebecca are both sick. Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Achy. Kinda sounds like the Flu. Jon is going to the doctor this morning. After I found out what is wrong with him, I may take Rebecca to the doctor. She has had a lingering cough that I don't really care for, so we'll see.

Okay I take it back, I played in the snow, if that is what you want to call shoveling the front and back walks, and the driveway. I really need to find a snowblower on sale!!! I'm thinking for use even once every other year it would be worth it!! And if I had what Jon and Rebecca have, there would have been no way I could have shoveled all that snow.

Our crazy dog does not like the snow and chose to use the sidewalk for her toilet so she wouldn't have to get in the snow EEWWW!!! So I shoveled her a little potty area in the grass. Thank goodness she is using it. She has been growling at us again. Not sure what her deal is.

I'll have pics soon of the Valentines Rebecca made for her friends. They are cute and simple and she did the assembling, and picked out the papers.

Ryan's are ready for assembly, but he was not nearly has into being creative has Rebecca. We used a football for the front of his cards. He didn't want hearts cause they are for girls. LOL

Stay warm and Healthy!!!

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