Sunday, February 1, 2009

I cannot believe

it is February already!!!!! Where did January go? So since we are sick, we are having our own little superbowl party. chips and salsa. Feeling a little more patriotic than normal as I listen to the National Anthem by Jennifer Hudson. I got chills and misty eyed. We are a very blessed country.

So I don't really care who wins the Superbowl, don't flog me, if it's not the Colts, I really don't care about football. Truthfully, I only watch the Colts because Jon does, and they are the home team. Which means that if I lived in Pennsylvania I'd cheer on the Steelers, and if I lived in Arizona I'd cheer for the Cardinals. So I think I'll go with the Steelers since they are closer to home, or maybe I'll cheer for the cardinals because I do love red. Or maybe I'll just cheer for whoever is ahead. LOL.

Growing up I was a Cincy Bengals fan because that is who my dad watched. I pretty much don't get football. But in honor of the superbowl, I'm going to go watch the game with my family.

Go watch the game!!!

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