Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kids say the funniest things...

So I pick up my handsome little fellow from school, and as his teacher is putting him in the car she says, "Mrs. Russell wanted me to tell you that today while they were playing grocery..."

Okay I am pretty sure I faded out about here because I thought, oh no what did he do, did he hit someone, pick his nose, say something bad...okay back to the story.

"...because he was in her group today, said as they were talking about the food and getting ready to check out, Ryan said, "Wait, I have to get all my coupons!" We both laughed. She said, "They really do pick up on everything don't they!" Can I just say, I'm glad he didn't go into organic vs. non organic.

And sis just for you I took a pic of Ryan to add to this post. He is a ornery little snot, I was in the way of wow wow wubbzy!

Have a great day!

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