Monday, February 23, 2009


most people are not fans of Mondays, but I like them because I don't have to go to work!!!! I didn't take a single photo last week. The week went by really fast!! I am still in the middle of reorganzing my stamps, and working on organizing my photos.

In other news, we had babies!!! Fish that is. I don't really do much with the aquariums, okay I do nothing at all, but how can one not be excited about the creation of new life...even if its fish. the itty bitties are so so cute. I have counted 4. I hope they all make it.

One of my favorite things Ryan does right now is the I love you war we have, well war isn't really the right word, but its a fun conversation...

Ryan "Mommy I love you"
Me "I love you more"
Ry "No I love you more"
Me "No I love you more"
Ry "I love you to 21"
Me "I love you to 22"
Ry "I love you to 21 twice"
Me "I love you to a million"
Ry "I love you to that too mama!"

Sometimes this goes on for a much longer time, but it is the sweetest thing. Then he'll usually grab me and give me a great big hug and kiss.

So I watched the Oscars last night. I think its the first time I have ever watched the entire thing. I thought it was a well done show. Loved all the musical numbers. Did you notice though how "edward" from twilight, still looks like a vampire LOL. I never saw the movie, but the trailors were enough. Then, even near the end of the show he was behind one of the nominees and tho I was going to remember who, I don't. He looked rather vampire-ish. So, I'm thinking the makeup artists didn't have much work to do on him for the movie. LOL I didn't know Anne Hatheway could sing. I like her, and I love that they utilized Hugh Jackman's musical ability!

Well, that's about all I have for the morning! Have a great day!

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Christie said...

I thought the same thing about the vampire guy! And I thought it was a good show too.