Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Friday Friday

So some cute things happened this week. Rebecca has been a bit over dramatic. For example, full sobbing cries over not getting a whole stick of gum. Actually, three times that happened in about an hour. Cute part of this was Ryan, "Becca, Becca, Becca, when will you learn." (complete with slow head shaking) I about lost it, but I know I shouldn't encourage him.

Then I asked him if he wanted cereal and chocolate milk for breakfast. His response, "oh yeah, you know I do!!" (with a little side to side head action).

I don't know where he gets this stuff!

His other new thing, is clearing his throat "eh hem" and then saying "excuse me" (with some attitude) to get my attention. Though it is cute, I think we are going to have to put a stop to it. He doesn't sound pleasant when he does it, he borders on rude. Altho a four year old may not realize it, he does need to learn.

Rebecca has been reading. I am so incredibly excited over this!!! She is doing a fabulous job sounding out words, even big words. She is reading Hop on Pop very well, all on her own, with just the occasional struggle. I am a proud mommy.

The weather has taken a sudden change for the better!! It was sunny and warmer yesterday. LOVE THAT. and today it is already near 60 degrees...bring on Spring.

I have been working on my stamp sorting still, long slow process to reorganize. I am loving how it is going though. Way more user friendly, and way easier to find my stamps. I'll take photos when it's all set up.

Well, too bad the dishes and laundry dont' magically get finished while I type.

Hope you have a blessed day.

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Tya said...

LOL!!! Too funny. Love his little comment to Becca. ;-)