Wednesday, March 11, 2009

this week I lost 2 days!!

I'm not sure why, well, Monday because I had been up all night, and tho I had HUGE aspirations of getting tons done, I did nothing. Jon even took me out to dinner because I was too tired to cook. Yesterday, well, I lost it too, but for different reasons. I exercised while Ryan was at school. Did some errand running after I picked him up, then came home and put the stuff away. Ryan and I played some games, read a little, then suddenly it was time to pick up Rebecca (not sure how time went by so fast). After I picked up Rebecca, it was so very very nice out, that I tossed the kids bikes in the trunk of the car and we went to the church so they could ride in a big open space. I walked 2.5ish miles (not an exact science). The kids had a great time. It was a bit windy tho, and this morning they both have a cough!! Okay on a complete total side note, I smell cotton candy...hmmmm...Not sure where that is coming from. Must be an olfactory hallucination! Anyway, we came home, I made pototoes from "BOB" (rachel ray's cook book) that lacked something, salmon patties adn steamed broccoli. Love that Ryan ate half the broccoli himself. Not a bad supper. Then watched Biggest loser and American Idol (the classic channel surf). Then just like that, the day was over and I accomplished nothing...sigh.

So today I am making up for it. Laundry in, trash out, gonna vaccuum the family room soon as I am done blogging. Then finish the dishes. YAY

Have a great day.

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